David Floodstrand
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David Floodstrand / Bio 

David Floodstrand is a vocalist whose love for Jazz & Blues resonates from his heart, his soul, and throat. His passion for this music is evident, and falls upon ones ears as soft as evening rain, or deep, like a lion's growl. Striving to enumerate the style and sophistication of Jazz flavors penned from the hands of such greats as Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, Johnny Mercer, Antonio Carlos Jobim in a manner reminiscent of such diverse artists as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennet, Chet Baker, Louis Jordan, Jon Hendricks, Ray Charles, and Lou Rawls, he slips smoothly from genre to genre with comfort and grace from jazz classics to r&b, soul, and rock & roll.  

Growing up in a jazz family, Mr. Floodstrand was introduced to a litany of jazz influences from a young age. His step father was a well-known pianist and music educator Jack Hubble, and practically everyone in his family played an instrument. All his brothers went on to be professional musicians after forming a family jazz group in high school, David played trumpet and bass in the band and also started singing. After studying with several teachers including Chicago trumpet player George Bean, and voice from Alma Bailer, David and his brother, saxophonist Lewis Floodstrand, left to play in a number of bands as a horn section in Chicago and Los Angeles, before changing musical directions toward Rock & Roll. 

After starting the record label Criterion Records, David produced a variety of releases for artists on his label, from Alternative, and Industrial, to Progressive Dance, House, and Jazz.  

Since relocating to Florida for 14 years and starting a family, David decided to return to his native Midwest, and direct his focus back to his roots in Jazz. Since his recent return in 2010 David has begun to return to the Jazz world in Chicago, playing with some of the finest musicians in town with his duo, trio, and The David Floodstrand Quartet, singing and most recently, he has begun to re- introduce his trumpet playing in performances. Presently writing an album of original Jazz material Mr. Floodstrand has started to add his self-penned compositions to his sets, and is planning on releasing an album of original jazz material in the spring of 2018.